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Social Media Management

Looking after your social media channels can be time consuming, but our expert social media managers know exactly how to build up an audience, increase CONTACT USment levels, and distribute content through the most effective networks available. When we manage a client’s social media platform we encourage close and regular communications. It is important that both parties work to a clearly defined strategy, understand the exact goals and targets and have a constant source of information and content that can be used to facilitate conversations.

We have experience of working across every platform alongside using leading edge technology to make sure that we are listening and engaging with every conversation.

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Managing your advertising and marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms is a time consuming and painstaking process. We take that headache away thanks to our ability to manage the entire process from one central point. We know how important it is to react quickly to changes, issues and opportunities within every sector and this is why every client who uses us to manage their social media advertising has a dedicated contact point.

We have a number of our own internal tech tools to help us get the most from your advertising budget and we combine these with market leading software and our own personal experience in order to consistently deliver.

Our Process

Social Media Strategy

The first step includes a comprehensive study of your existing social media accounts. At this stage we identify all social media channels where the client has an official or unofficial presence and closely monitor them to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy

The second step of our process is to create an in-depth content plan and strategy that covers all aspects of social media. At this stage we also create KPIs based on the strategy and the social media audit. We then set milestones that define when each KPI will ideally be achieved.

Social Media Marketing Melbourne

Next, we create a social media policy and general guidelines for both you and the social media managers. These documents include best practices, and what to do and not to do on social media. These are written according to your brand and they reflect the ethos of your company.

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At this stage we implement the strategy and take full control of the social media campaign. We believe frequent communication with all of our clients is key, so we will send regular updates and encourage you to get involved with the conversations involving fans and followers throughout the campaign.

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Human nature is unpredictable and so is social media. We keep a close eye on our strategy and tweak bits here and there to maximise the impact of our social media campaigns. Where applicable, we also do social media and web monitoring to identify unnoticed conversations about any products, services, or brand mentions.

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Reporting is vital when it comes to social media. We use industry standard tools to create visual reports that break down complex numbers into beautiful and bite sized reports that everyone can understand.